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What’s Up With The Reverse Sear?

The reverse sear is used to cook a thick steak – at least 1¼” to 1½” or more. The idea is that, without actually searing it, you cook the steak close to the final desired temperature. As a last step, you crank up the heat to caramelize and crust the meat. The technique is best used for those who like a well-done steak.

steaks sear on saber grill

The reverse sear technique has grown in popularity with home chefs as a way to imitate that of a fine steakhouse. But, here’s the catch. While a restaurant will typically use a grill and then throw the steak under a 1700° salamander for the final crusting, most home chefs don’t have that level of equipment.

Working off the backyard grill at home, the process of perfecting the reverse sear becomes more difficult. Once you bring the steak close to the desired temperature, you would have to set the meat aside while you prepare the grill for the final sear. There’s also the fact that if you’re cooking with SABER infrared, your meat maintains its juiciness even at a high heat—rendering the extra effort required of the reverse sear obsolete.

If you enjoy trying out new grill techniques, there’s certainly nothing wrong with mastering the reverse sear. But if you’re looking for the taste of a fine restaurant steak delivered on your plate, a regular turn on the SABER grill will get the job done every time.

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