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Storing Firewood Indoors

Making a Fashionable Statement

Once your wood is seasoned and prepared for use, then you’re ready to move the beautiful logs inside.

You can store wood in any living space, whether it be outdoors, inside a living room or bedroom. In this article we will discover funky new ways of showing off your well seasoned kindling, for all to adore in the upcoming months!


First, search online and through magazines what kind of layout you may want. Consider which option is the best way to compliment your fireplace, while maintaining the best focal point. Choosing an asymmetrical or symmetrical design, traditional, modern or contemporary look depends on location or positioning of your fireplace. Make sure you appoint a contractor or professional for a building plan.

Design: Up, down, side to side…You name it!

wood-storageIn the wall: This can be any size; height or width. Wall storage can liven up a room, or add rustic flair to any old space.

Under the hearth: If you prefer an organized and clutter-free space, storing wood under the fireplace can prove to be very functional. Installing a drawer or secret cabinet is a great way to add style and organization (as well as surprise!) into the home. Heck, if you prefer, stack your wood out in the open for all to see!


Hidden Angles: for those who don’t relish the idea of wood being a focal point, there is always the option of storing on an angle. Here is a picture to illustrate:




Utilizing furniture: visit your local antique or vintage shop to find furnishings and accessories which you can retrofit. If you have limited space with nowhere to house your wood, feel free to use a bookcase, dresser..the opportunities are endless!


Tips and Reminders:

Although storing wood in your home looks beautiful, you want to take measure and keep these considerations in mind.

    1. Think about practicality; know your home. You will have to think about keeping a ladder or great step stool to help you out depending on the size of wall storage. You do not want to put yourself at risk!
    2. Make sure your wood is seasoned for well up to a year before bringing it into your home. This ensures that no little critters inhabit your wood. Well seasoned dry wood will have no scent, no moisture, and no bark or sap. Bugs and insects love all those things, and seasoned wood doesn’t have it. So, rule #1 – SEASON YOUR WOOD!!

Firewood Basket

  1. Line your space with durable material. Especially since you’re stacking wood, you don’t want an unstable base foundation, or a finish that could wear and get scratched. A rubber mat liner is a great material to use, as it is anti-skid and has treads. Easy to cut and size as well as affordable, these mats are transparent and are a great investment.
  2. Do not spray your seasoned logs with flammable solvents. This includes air fresheners of any kind or insect repellants. Instead, buy ant and bug traps to place inside your storage. These have no potent smell and will not ruin or taint your wood. You don’t want to be burning wood that has chemicals on it, after you worked so hard to season it!!
  3. Only take what you need. While big storage spaces are great, they can be hard to maintain for some if you do not burn wood frequently. A solution would be to fill your space halfway, and replenish when scarce. This makes cleaning easier to keep on top of, as well as keeping track of your firewood stock.


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