Pit Master Pellets


Assorted Blends!!
Nothing is more important than pellet freshness. Fresh pellets retain all the natural aromatics present in the woods natural oils. Flavour dissipates from old pellets and they begin to break down. All our pellets are made fresh and delivered right away to our customers or small retail distributors.

Clean Wood
All our pellets come from 100% clean raw wood sources. Regular pellets for heating use recycled materials from the construction industry and flooring industry and can includes pressure treated and chemicals used in flooring.

No Dust!
Pellets from big box stores could be six months to two years old by the time they make it off the shelf, You wont find this in Pit Masters.

No Binding Agents Or Fillers!
pellets designed for grilling must contain ZERO binding agents or synthetic fillers. Pitmasters pellets are pressed at 10,000 pounds per square inch and use the natural lignin present in the proteins of the wood to bind the pellets together.