Kamado Joe- Karbon Steel (classic griddle)


Expand the versatility of your Kamado Joe ceramic grill with the Griddle insert from our Karbon Steel collection. Instantly transform your grill into a full-size flat-top griddle and easily cook breakfast, sear meat and veggies, or sauté your favorite dish. Known for being lighter weight than cast iron, the carbon steel griddle also heats up quickly while maintaining an even temperature, ensuring a consistent cook every time.

Full-size, pre-seasoned carbon steel griddle accessory is perfect for breakfast, searing, roasting and sauteing
Non-stick griddle heats up quickly and maintains consistent temperatures
Includes a grease drain for quick and easy clean-up
Stainless-steel handles for easy serving
Carbon steel is as versatile as stainless steel and as conductive as cast iron
Classic Joe® size griddle compatible with all Kamado Joe Classic Joe series, Kamado Joe Konnected Joe™, Large Big Green Egg, and other round 18-inch charcoal grills
Big Joe® size griddle compatible with all Kamado Joe Big Joe series, XL Big Green Egg, and other round 24-inch charcoal grills 

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