Enameled Sunburst Round Trivet for Stove Tops


Our colourful line of enameled Sunburst Trivets are handy at the stove top, cook top or table top. Place under kettles, steamers or cooking pots to protect wood stoves from scratches and diffuse heat. Use beneath hot pans or dishes for serving, even under plants to protect the floor. GREAT ACCESSORY FOR WOOD AND PELLET STOVES: Protect wood stove finish from scratches and diffuse heat beneath a steamer, kettle or Dutch oven with this sunburst trivet PORCELAIN ENAMEL FINISH: The trivet is available in 5 color options: red, blue, black and green gloss finish, or matt blue/black DIMENSIONS: Made of cast iron metal, round, 7-in diameter, with feet TABLETOP OR COUNTERTOP: Ideal for placing beneath a hot dish on the counter or table when cooking, attractive enough for the dining table or buffet

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