Black Enamel Cast Iron Lattice Steamer


Whether you heat with wood, or just use your stove to get cozy, we have an array of stove-top, storage and fire tending accessories specifically designed for wood and pellet stoves. Use these classic enameled Lattice-Top Steamers to add a dash of color to your stove and some much-needed humidity to a wood-heated home in winter. In four glossy enameled finish options and a matte blue-black, all steamers hold 2 ½ quarts of water. HUMIDIFYING FOR THE HOME: A wood-heated home can be very dry- a stovetop humidifier or steamer teapot can add much-needed moisture to the environment PORCELAIN ENAMEL FINISH: Interior and exterior, in 4 gloss colors, and matte blue-black outside, all with matte black enamel inside TRADITIONAL STYLE: Traditional lattice work top allows water to easily vaporize DIMENSIONS AND MATERIAL: Measures 6.75”W x 11”L x 6.5”H, made of cast iron, holds 2.2 quarts of water and can be placed directly on the stovetop or used with a trivet

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