Big Green Egg- Pizza Oven Wedge


Used with an EGGspander convEGGtor Basket and a convEGGtor, the Pizza Oven Wedges create a traditional brick oven setup with an easily accessible front opening that makes quick work of sliding pizzas in and out of the EGG.

Fits the Large EGG
The front opening allows cooks to monitor pizzas, flatbreads or other baked goods as they cook, delivering recipes baked to your preferred level of doneness.
With the wedges in place, the EGG temperature holds for hours where you set it, in a range from 400°F/204°C to 700°F/370°C. The insulating ceramics of the EGG enable the heat retention needed for even cooking, even when baking multiple pizzas.
Two cast aluminum wedges are easy to handle and store with no rusting.
For pizzas up to 14 inches (36 cm)

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