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How do I Clean the Drip Pan?

How do I clean the drip pan?“How do I clean the drip pan? Cleaning the drip pan on your grill is something that should be done often. This is not only a safety precaution, but will help keep your Napoleon in working order for long years to come.

Slide the drip pan out for easy cleaning. It should be cleaned frequently (every 4-5 uses) to avoid grease buildup. Grease and excess drippings pass through the drip pan, located under the grill, and accumulate in the disposable grease tray below the drip pan. Accumulated grease can cause a fire hazard. Do not line the drip pan with aluminum foil or sand, as it can prevent the grease from flowing properly. The pan should be scraped out with a putty knife or scraper, and all the debris should be scraped into the disposable grease tray. This tray should be replaced every two to four weeks.”

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