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How do I Care for the Cast Iron Cooking Grids?

How do I care for the cast iron cooking grids?“How do I care for the cast iron cooking grids? That is quite the question. Many people are frightened by the thought of caring for anything cast iron. They have that frying pan that is tucked away and rusted because they don’t know how to care for it. But proper care and maintenance of your Napoleon cast iron cooking grids will make them last for decades, create a non-stick coating – better than any Teflon frying pan ever had, and add the most unique and delicious flavour to your grilled delicacies.

Did you know?

That cooking with cast-iron goes back over 2500 years.
That cast iron grills offer many exceptional cooking benefits.
That cast iron grills are a near perfect heat conductor, heating evenly and consistently.
That it can withstand very high temperatures, which makes it perfect for searing.
That cured cast iron offers perfect non-stick surface making it ideal for many dishes where using non-stick is a must.


Cast iron cooking grills must be seasoned to protect the metal from rusting and to provide that non-stick surface. Seasoning cast iron is a process comprising of 3 simple steps:

  • Clean the cast iron grill with warm soapy water; rinse thoroughly and dry
  • Apply a layer of fat all over (typically fats high in saturated fats such as Crisco, palm oil, coconut oil or lard)
  • Heat up the fat covered grills to a high temperature causing the fat to bond to the iron
  • If your cooking grills develop rust spots, scour the rusty areas with steel wool, until all traces of rust are gone then wash, dry and repeat seasoning process

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