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Best BBQ Music

Warm summer afternoons are meant for sharing cool drinks and delicious food with family and friends. Yet celebrations aren’t quite complete without the perfect playlist. You’d never make the same hamburger every time you fire up the grill, so why settle for the same music? We’ve combined three of our favorite recipes with the perfect music genre that can elevate any grilling experience and transport you from the backyard to your favorite hip-swinging spot.mp7

Fish Tacos & Beach Music 

There’s nothing quite like sitting on a beach, margarita in hand, with the sun warming you from a fresh dip in the ocean. The sweet salty smell dancing in the air always reminds you that beach days are the best days, but do you know what else will do the trick? These Fish Tacos paired with the perfect playlist of the Dirty Heads and Jack Johnson.

Grilled Beemster Bruschetta & Jazz Music 

Maybe it’s the juicy fresh taste of the tomatoes on the crispy bread or the tangy bite of the cheese, but when tasting the Grilled Beemster Bruschetta, you’re transported into a smooth jazz era. The sweet sounds of Ella Fitzgerald crooning on stage while the saxophone leads the sway of dancing hips pairs perfectly with this dish. It will give that explosion of flavor that jazz has always delivered.

Bacon Weaved Pork Loin & Country Music

Tim McGraw loves pork loin. We don’t know that for a fact, but we’re pretty sure it’s true. Tim McGraw should love pork loin because we can’t get enough of the Bacon Weaved Pork Loin paired with the folksy twang of country. It’s the perfect combo for a hot summer day in a pair of jean shorts playing a rowdy game of corn hole. Add a couple of brews and we’ve got a party.

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