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Add Flavor With Wood

Add Flavor With Wood


One of the best parts of summertime is enjoying the flavors of the grill – almost any of your favorite meats will develop a nice char, lines that mark the meat where it comes into contact with the cooking grids. This is where the flavor begins! Grilling enhances the flavor, but with a few tricks it can be so much more.

Adding wood complements the flavor intensity of grilling. Whether you have a Napoleon Charcoal or Gas Grill, you can add wood to develop a new taste sensation that will make your barbecue the one to beat.

Use Your Napoleon Grill To Add Flavors

Wood can be added to a grill in sheets, planks or as chips. Sheets are about the size of a piece of paper, and they add flavor when you grill anything wrapped inside one of these sheets. Similar to cooking on a plank, you would first soak the sheet and then wrap them around your food, securing them with twine that has also been soaked in water.

cedar_wrap-2_napoleon_grillsSoaked wood chips can be placed in a Napoleon Smoker Pipe, or the smoker box built in to the Charcoal Tray that lets the smoke escape from holes drilled through the top. This is placed directly beneath the grids where smoke can easily penetrate the meat. Or, in a pinch, try the DIY method by making a pouch out of tinfoil to hold the chips and let the smoke out through slits in the top.

Infuse Different Flavors With Different Woods

Whether you use a sheet, plank or chips, the fun of experimenting with different varieties of flavors from wood will keep you grilling all summer long. Your food will absorb the smoky flavor of the wood. You can even offer more flavor by soaking your sheets, planks, or chips in wine, like merlot, beer, or juice. Similar to the subtle tones that spices add to flavors, the type of wood that you choose will add unique differences in smoke flavoring your food. Some types of meats may even taste better than others with a particular type of wood that complements its flavoring best.

Types Of Wood And Their Flavors

  • Strong flavor woods such as Maple, Mesquite, and Hickory are hardwoods that offer a strong flavor. These are good for use with beef, pork, duck, lamb, or ham.
  • Mild tastes – Fruit woods, such as Cherry and Apple, and Pecan and Alder woods are best for a more mild taste that brings out the best of poultry, pork, or seafood.

Let your imagination work for you and see what your Napoleon Grill will cook up! With so many possibilities and all summer long to try out combinations, who knows, what “wood” you do??

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